Robert Gant

Robert Gant is, perhaps, best known as one of the stars of Showtime’s hit television series, “Queer as Folk.” As Professor Ben Bruckner in that groundbreaking show, Robert explored broad dramatic terrain. His character’s wedding in the series was, in fact, the first legal gay marriage ever portrayed on television. More recently, Robert traveled across the Atlantic to star as the sole American cast member on the BBC British comedy/drama series, “Personal Affairs.” He also became television’s first gay spy in the film, “Kiss Me Deadly,” for Here! Television and starred with House’s Lisa Edelstein in the Lifetime movie, “Special Delivery.” In addition to these projects, his various recurring roles include both the eccentric principal, Calvin Krupps, on the WB’s “Popular” and Caroline’s boyfriend, Trevor, on NBC’s “Caroline in the City.” Gant has had many notable guest spots on TV hits such as “Friends,” where he played one of two handsome men Phoebe was dating simultaneously, “Vegas,” “The Closer,” “Castle,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Bones,” “90210,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and all three “CSI’s,” to name a few. Most recently, he guested on the hit shows, “Hot in Cleveland,” “Mike and Molly,” and “Shameless.” He has also appeared in numerous films.

Robert’s love of acting and performing began at an early age. He started doing television commercials and joined the Screen Actors Guild at the age of ten in his home state of Florida. He went on to attend undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania and law school at Georgetown University. While studying, he never gave up on his true passions and took part in numerous theatrical productions. Interestingly, it was his career as an attorney that brought him to Los Angeles when he accepted a position with the world’s largest law firm. In a twist of fate, the firm’s Los Angeles office was closed soon after. Taking that as an omen, he made the decision to focus all of his time on the entertainment business.

His time in Hollywood is not limited to performing, however. Robert was a producing partner in the film and television production company, Mythgarden. Their feature film, “Save Me,” which stars Robert along with Judith Light and Chad Allen premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and opened Outfest that same year. Robert has also recently completed the first draft of his first novel.

While he gives time to a number of philanthropic and political causes, such as HRC (by which he was given their National Equality Award), GLAAD (by which he was given their Davidson/Valentini Award for the promotion of equal rights in the community), and Lambda Legal, Robert’s “torch issue” is that of aging in the gay community. He supports such organizations as SAGE (Senior Advocacy for GLBT Elders), which named him their first Honorary Elder, and, of course, GLEH (Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing), for which he was proud to serve as a Board Member, and is committed to addressing our community’s collective challenge of growing old, alone.