Terms & Conditions

With the purchase of tickets contractual relations in relation to the event Rise ‘n Shine between ticket buyers and the organizers are  founded. With the acquisition, latest when entering the event, the participant accepts the following General Booking Conditions for the event by the organizer.1. In addition to these General terms and conditions also the general T&G for providers of tickets apply (f.e. EVENTqube.de)

2. Entering the event is at own risk. No persons under the age of 18 are allowed. Exceptions of this term can only be provided individually with the organizer in writing in advance.

    Attendees from 16 to 18 years need a written permit by the parents to attend the event alone. Possible Parties cannot be attended by attendees of less than 18 years.
    Attendees under 16 years have to be accompanied by a legal guardian.3. The organizer reserves the right to refuse registrations without stating reasons. After the delivery of a confirmed reservation, the organizer reserves the right to cancel this reservation, should he learn about facts, which might lead to the assumption that the terms and conditions might be violated by the attendant.

4. Cancelling of a confirmed reservation is not possible, but the attendant has the right to transfer the ticket to a third party, consent of the organizer previously granted. To transfer the ticket, the attendant has to provide all data like name, address, contact details and date of birth of the person the ticket has to be transferred to, for the organizer. Transferring the ticket is only possible through direct written consent by the organizer till 30 days prior to the event. The organizer reserves the right to deny the transfer due to important reasons. Each transfer will be charged with a transfer fee of $ 35.
All changes are exclusively and have to be adressed in writing to the organizer Rise ‘n Shine ([email protected]) and will only be done till 30 days prior to the event.

5. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in advance for important reason, i.e. force majeure, official statement, lack of attendants, and cancellation of the actors. In case of cancellation, the organizer grants a refund of the ticket price, minus the accrued charges. Further claims are excluded. The organizer reserves the right to change the venue of the event and/or designate another date.

6. The organizer reserves the right to change the running of the event. This is also valid, but not exclusively, in case of danger for body and health of the attendants. Schedules, published before the event, are not binding. The organizer reserves the right to  change the program at short notice, without that arises any claim for the attendant.

7. The organizer doesn´t guarantee the appearance of a certain actor. If actors are announced through propaganda in advance, this means the contract negotiations with this actor are in an advanced stage. The organizer guarantees the appearance of a minimum of 5 actors. In case of no show of one of the announced actors the organizer provides a replacement if possible. The organizer is not obligated to present more than 5 actors. Cancellation for the attendant is only possible in case that the organizer can only present less than 5 actors.

8. Lectures and presentation of the actors as well as other events will be only in English. The organizer is not obligated to provide a translation into other languages, especially this is no reason for a cancellation for the attendant.

9. During the event, photos and videos will be taken. The visitor agrees irrevocably by buying the ticket, latest by entering the event with the taping and distribution of the picture/video/ audio via TV stations, in the web and on print or digital media.

10. The organizer´s instructions or those commissioned by the supervisors has to be followed. The organizer or the personnel commissioned by the supervisors reserves the right of bag controls.

11. The bringing of pepper spray, weapons, pyrotechnical or other dangerous goods is strictly prohibited. This also includes items which are part of a costume. In all cases, parts of costumes that could be a danger for other persons have to be shown to the security personnel. The bringing of substances which are violating the Narcotics Act is prohibited.

12. Distribution of other promotional material, Give-Aways, posters and flyers is prohibited. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit any propaganda and pursue competition law.

13. In case of violation of the valid terms and conditions, immediate expulsion from the premises will be carried out. In this case, any claim for refund is void. Besides, the organizer reserves the right to remove any person, who interferes with running the event, misconduct or is a danger for themselves or others.

14. The organizer is fully responsible for damage resulting of damage for Life, body or health, which are based on his own negligent breach of duty or intentional or negligent breach of duty. In addition, he is liable only for intentional or grossly negligent breach of contractual and legal obligations.

15. Photos during the panel in the Main Hall will be allowed, though NO USE OF FLASH. Violating this rule leads to removal from the premises. NO VIDEOS ARE ALLOWED DURING ALL EVENTS. Violating this rule leads to removal from the premises. Stopping actors on the way to and from the different venues for the different events for photos and/or autographs is NOT permitted. The special autograph / photo sessions are there this purpose.

16. Privacy Policy: Personal data will be handled under privacy policy law and only used for purposes of the initiated and carried out deal and handled strictly confidential.  Dissemination to a third party is only done, as long as it is necessary to carry out the contract duty. As long as there is a possibility to provide personal data within the internet-offers (e.g. email address, names, address) the providing of this data is on a voluntary basis.

17. The invalidity of individual provisions doesn´t affect the validity of the whole terms and conditions. Invalid provisions are meant to be replaced by valid provisions, which economically are close to the invalid provisions. Provisions differing from this agreement need to be in writing to be valid. The parties agree to renounce of oral agreements already.